Joined forces…

Last June 6, 2013 we had the opportunity to work together with Alchemia agency, at the introduction of Atlantis Paradise Island hotel Bahamas to the Mexican market.

Atlantis Paradise Island hotel Bahamas is a luxurious Resort located in Nassau in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It lodges 6000 guests, has the biggest casino in the Caribbean and has more than 20 areas for outdoor activities and water parks.

Our main goal was to position the resort as a new destination option for the Mexican market before media outlets of diverse sources, such as life style, sports, tourism and business.

What was our job? The activities of the agency consisted in:  summoning 40 media outlets, to send digital invitations, to confirm by phone every media outlet, aid the press during the conference at Piso 51 Torre Mayor, deliver press kit to each of the assistants and to develop the report and clipping of notes about the event.

The event was a success; it exceeded our expectations, since more than 60 media outlets were present at the conference. Also it marked the beginning of a great partnership between the agencies Gaudelli MCW and Alchemia.